Soothe Baby Massage Oil

Soothe Baby Massage Oil


Boost your baby massage with this all natural massage oil, perfect for relaxing your little one and sending them to sleep. A beautiful mix of essential oils including chamomile, lavender, ylang ylang and patchouli mixed with almond and calendula oils which will gently soothe and relax.

Baby massage has been proven to reduce crying and fussiness, help with deeper more peaceful sleep and alleviate common problems such as constipation and colic. It has even been said that it can boost a baby's ability to fight off germs as well.

"When you give your baby a massage, you're actually stimulating their central nervous system," explains Tiffany Field, PhD, director of the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine. "That sets off a chain reaction: It makes her brain produce more serotonin, a feel-good chemical, and less cortisol, a hormone that's secreted in response to stress. As a result, your baby's heart rate and breathing slow down, and she becomes more relaxed.

"Giving your infant regular massages is good for their emotional well-being too. "Affectionate touch and rhythmic movement are among the most powerful forms of communication between babies and their parents, so they're great ways for you to bond," says K. Mark Sossin, PhD, director of the Parent-Infant Research Nursery at Pace University, in New York City. 


Almond Oil, Certified Organic Calendula Infused Oil, Essential Oils: Chamomile, Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Patchouli. 



Hello Melba skin care products are lovingly made in New Zealand with all natural ingredients. Although a skin reaction would be very rare, please do a small skin test first as a precaution. Baby products should always be used under the supervision of a caregiver.

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